From Eliška Krásnohorská to Jiřina Šiklová

From Eliška Krásnohorská to Jiřina Šiklová: In the Footsteps of Female Education

The project is based in the neighbourhood, where the Gender Studies library is located. It is the district of Prague 2 and Prague 1. In this neighbourhood we can find various places tied with the history of Czech Women's Movement (such as Minerva-the first high school (comprehensive school) for girls in Czechia, the first secondary school for girls in Vodičkova St., with significant and famous women of history (Eliška Krásnohorská, Karolína Světlá, famous figures and events, significantly tied with women´s equal rights and women's education and intelligence. The library itself and its collections are unique with its focus on women's education.

In cooperation with the municipality of Prague 2 and City of Prague, the keeper of river quay (a favourite meeting and culture spot) and another project partners (CAMP, Multicultural Centre of Prague,Museum of Czech Literature, Municipal Library of Prague, Dittrichova branch) we will organise public events, thematically related to and sourcing from the library collections and its archives, and develop a digital map app. Real and virtual activities will draw attention to the need for public debate on women's education, women's participation in public life as well as marginalized social groups.

The digital map app named “Women´s Map/Women's Library” shows places in Prague 1 and Prague 2 in close surroundings to the library, tied with womens´s history. Visitors can pick these spots in the map and thus they get to know these mostly forgotten places. The map will be used also for pre-designed walks through the city centre, together with multimedia material created from a portfolio of library collections. Each individual spot in the map will be linked to a set of pictures, text and context background. The map of places of interest will be available in digital as well as analogue version.


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Project Promoter: Gender Studies, o.p.s.

Project partners: Kvennasögusafn | The Women's History Archives (Iceland)

Project duration: 1. 5. 2022 – 30. 4. 2023

Project Coordinator: Johana Jonáková

The project is being supported by the EEA Grants (see also, Programme Culture.