Empowering women to active European Citizenship

Political participation of women and an enhanced visibility and influence of women's contribution to the future of Europe needs political educational projects that empower women from all over Europe! ewec is an educational project for women from different backgrounds, professions and age groups who want to

ewec is a European larning programme that combines political education, feminist theory , intercultural learning and democracy training with a strong gender perspective.

The EWEC project thereby draws on the experiences of women’s educational projects and institutions from several European places with a special reference and link to the European Women’s College EWC which has been established in Switzerland in 1994 and since then has organised many successful and valuable seminars and courses. The EWEC project will be developed in close cooperation with the EWC. It owes a great deal to the work that has been already done in the context of the EWC and to their co-founders Reinhild Traitler-Espiritu and Elisabeth Raiser-von Weitzsäcker.

The overall aim of the project is to strengthen women’s political participation and governance in Europe. We thereby follow the UNDP-definition of governance as the exercise of economic, political and administrative authority to manage a country’s affairs at all levels, comprises mechanisms, processes and institutions through which citizens and groups articulate their interests, exercise their legal rights, meet their obligations and mediate their differences.

To approach this overall aim Empowering Women to active European citizenship will be developed as a learning programme that combines political education, intercultural learning and democracy training with a strong gender perspective.

Project Partners

• The Katholische Sozial Akademie Österreich, ksoe (Catholic Social Academy Austria) is an educational and research organisation focusing on social, political and ethical issues, with a strong emphasis on women’s perspectives. A strong commitment to innovative approaches in adult learning has always been one of its “trade marks“.
>>> http://www.ksoe.at

• Gender Studies, o.p.s. is a non governmental, non profit organisation in Prague that works at the crossing point of research and education and has set various examples of its experience and expertise in political education and awareness raising of women in Central and Eastern Europe. GS operates an independent Internet magazine and an extensive library collection of books, periodicals and multimedia, it organises training seminars for civil servants, politicians, non-profit organisations and various interest groups from the Czech Republic, and coordinates various public debates and lectures concerning gender related issues.
>>> http://www.feminismus.cz

• WIDE Austria (Women in Development Europe), is a platform of women’s development NGOs and part of WIDE Europe, an European NGO with a leading agency in Brussels. Within the last couple of years, WIDE Austria has gained a special expertise in economic literacy training for women and developed a special economic training programme for women in Europe. Beside this, WIDE has started building links with women’s organisation in Eastern European countries that are dealing with the economic situation of women.
>>> http://oneworld.at/wide

• European Women’s College Barcelona has been involved in the work of the European Women’s College, Switzerland in the past years and has coorganised seminar weeks on multicultural learning and the politics of difference in this framework. It works in close cooperation with the Women’s Studies Centre DUODA at the University of Barcelona.

• CIRCE s.p.r.l is a one-woman enterprise based in Brussels, conducting studies and research on EU-policy as well as providing training and seminars on the history and present of the European Union and its institutions. CIRCE has been involved in several transnational projects, including the research network “Archipelago Europa“ and the European Women’s College, Switzerland.

• WeiberWirtschaft Berlin is the largest center in Germany for busi-nesses owned and run by women and a model of women’s economic action for Berlin and beyond. WeiberWirtschaft is a cooperative solely for women and has some 1.500 members today. Its goal is the empowerment of women in the economy. As a consequence WeiberWirtschaft has always put an emphasis on educational projects in this area and has manifold experiences in women’s professional training, political education and education for economic empowerment.
>>> http://www.weiberwirtschaft.de

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